Backup & Migration Microsoft Office Outlook to New system

If you have just bought new computer or reinstall your old machine and want to replicate your Microsoft Outlook profiles to the new system, this blog can answer your questions. This guide is based on my experience on Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

First of all, there is no easy way to do this. I am amazed that Outlook 2007 does not provide account setting export tools. Thus, I believe that this is the simplest way to migrate your outlook to new system. Please be aware that you have to backup your old Microsoft Outlook before removing it and use this guide at your own risk.

  1. Backup your data from your old Outlook. There are several settings and data that you can export from your Outlook. I would recommend to copy your PST files and Outlook settings files. Guides to do this is available from Microsoft website;en-us;Q196492
  2. Install Microsoft Outlook in the new system
  3. Open Outlook and setup your email accounts as in your old system (yes you have to reenter every username, password, or even setup SMTP URL and port for advanced settings)
  4. By now you should already have the same account settings and Mail folders structure in your Outlook
  5. Finally, you can import your PST files from old system to your new Outlook. Select File > Import and export. Go through the wizard by opting to import PST files and in the final step choose the same folders for Import Items location

Please leave a comment if you need further guides or just to say thank you.

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