Fix No Bootable Partition in Table at start up

For the last 2 days in my Christmas holiday, I have struggled to accomplish one of my ambition that is having three operating systems dwell inside my new laptop. XP, Vista, and Ubuntu that was the most ideal installation sequence if you want turn your PC into triple boot device, but that is not an option in my case. My laptop come preinstalled with Vista and the stupid product recovery discs will erase all partitions, turn it back into Vista brick. At one point, I face this blank black screen with a message “No Bootable Partition In Table” when I try to boot the laptop.

How to fix this “No Bootable Partition Table” ? If your PC produce this kind of weird message, big chance you have modified your Master Boot Record (MBR) or your PC can’t find one. You don’t need to understand what is this, but it is record on your hard drive that contains boot instruction. These are options that you can do to fix this.

Have a look if you get the right device to boot. New Computers today are capable to boot from numerous devices including CD/DVD drive and Flash Drive/USB devices apart from HDD. if your computer try to boot from flash drive / disc without any master boot record, it will throw this error message. Try to remove any USB devices and CD/DVD from your PC. Try to make sure the boot sequence point to your HDD first in BIOS setting.

If the first step does not solve any problem, you have to recover, restore, or create new MBR by using your operating system disc. This task can be daunting for some people, you may want to get IT Savvy to get this done for you.
Windows Vista installation DVD can be used to fix master boot record of your Vista installation. Other option is installing other boot manager such as GRUB which is used by Linux Ubuntu. You can google “Fix master boot record” to get into detail of this.


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  1. Hey thanks for posting this, i had a usb plugged in and nothing was on it but i think it must of been trying to boot from it, thanks soo much!


  2. Ditto. You saved me with the simple suggestion of checking for USB drives. I had unplugged a RAID drive in order to make a backup, then when I tried to boot, got this message. I, of course, assumed that I had in some way corrupted the boot sector of the RAID in the process and after fiddling with it for quite a while, finally got online and found this post. It never occurred to me that the computer would change the boot drive selections in its own BIOS, but it did, and the hard drive was no longer even listed. When I removed my USB drive, it then re-added the hard drives in the sequence and booted fine. Whew. Never dreamed it was anything that simple.

    1. It was also got me to scratch my head, and go through series of reboot. It turns out to be simple usb drive problem 😀
      Happy to help others through this blog.

  3. OMG!! To think I was going to wipe everything, or reset the HD array, when it was a flash drive!!! You should have seen my terror! Thank you soooooo much!

  4. I also had a USB flash drive plugged in and as soon as I took it out, windows started up normally. This was very helpful! Thank you so much for this post! I’m so happy my problem is fixed!

  5. i have a problem with the same error message “no bootable partition in table”. I have a dell laptop without cdrom with windows xp but windows stoped working. I tryed to reboot using the usb and i keep getting that can i reboot my pc?

  6. i have a problem with this error :no bootable partition on table.I was trying to copy an image clone and after i copy it when the pc is restarted it shows this message.It seems like it doesn’t boot on HDD but only on CD-ROM.I disconnected everything :usb and removed cd from cd-rom.And after this still shows the same error message.I tried every position of jumpers ,and on BIOS in b ooting options i have put the HDD only.Pls can anyone help me with this problem ?

  7. Add me to the “me too” list. My wife is soooooo thankful that it was something so simple as we really can’t afford to get the computer fixed (and I don’t want her using mine). Gotta love Google for pointing me in the right direction, and you folks for giving me the answer. Peace reigns in our house once. Thanks once again.

  8. Whew! “That was easy!” I had just copied my old hdd onto a bigger, faster one. And was using a thumb drive to transfer other stuff that wasn’t originally on the old hdd. I had forgotten that I had the thumb drive plugged in for like a week. At first I thought that something “didn’t take” when I copied the hdd! I would try restarting the machine to rid myself of the error and it would resume booting up! I googled this error message when I came across this awesome page! THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! YOU’VE SAVED ME A BUNCH O’ FRUSTRATION!!

  9. This worked for me too, but I checked the boot sequence and it was not set to USB as #1. Stranger yet, the machine booted and has been running fine.


  10. Thank you for sharing your solution. There was a USB device plugged in in the back of our loaded lab computer too. It saves a lot of time and no frustration 🙂

  11. You saved my life! Just off to Paris to do two days’ training and thought I had big problems. This is what the internet is all about – helping one another. Unplugged USB key and bingo!

  12. Thought I damaged my son’s PC now… Relieved to find out that it was indeed a USB that caused a few extra grey hairs!

  13. Thankyou so much! Turns out I had left a usb stick in overnight that I forgot about. I removed it and it worked fine! You’re a saviour!

  14. Thank you very much. Like a lot of other people that have visited you here, I also had a usb device plugged in. I don’t fully understand most of what you said, but however it worked, it worked. Thanks again, you saved me a lot of trouble.

  15. removing usb drives did the trick. A huge thank you for that. Solved the problem before reformatting for recovery and hours of re-installing programs.

    Thanks again.

  16. Yep same problem here, found it out before finding this site although I had both a USB drive and an external HD plugged in, have to change boot sequence since it’s all out of order due to it being a new rig. Thanks

  17. same problem solution acceptable…………………….any solutions for an fully install os that does not want to run

  18. Ok — I’ve been in a panic for about 2 hours — left my office with my system running a bunch of diagnostic tests. I had a USB plugged in and was working on it when it went into the scheduled company backup. I am hoping now that I took the USB out that I can get it to reboot when I get back to the office. Thanks for the suggestions.
    At least I have a direction to point my IT guy — thought for sure I had completely wiped out the computer again.

  19. ohh my god i am an I.T. student but i dont knw how to operate this i feel so scared that i destroy the one of the pc on our neighbors internet cafe i took the usb but it doesnt work what will i do the owner are so very mad at me

  20. Oh my god, I agree with everyone above, you are a total lifesaver. This happened to me on a work computer and I thought I lost everything. As everyone else did, I also had a usb plugged in. Read this, took it out, and it rebooted fine! Thank you so much for posting this!

  21. thanks for the life saving, no pulling my hair out information. i too had left usb cables plugged in, but i have always done this, silly me! but from now on i will make sure cables are taken out before start up. thanks again , andrea.

  22. Received this error message, called our IT Help Desk. They didn’t know what was going on. While they were looking for a solution, I did a Google search, found this site. I unplugged my USB jump drive and voila! Problem solved. Thanks! Hung up with the help desk with the rep thinking I was awesome. Ha ha

  23. Hello from RIO, Brazil: – Yes, I had a flash drive connected to the PC and I have not started again without the pen drive, I’m still scared. From what I read in previous posts it solves! Thank you!

  24. you are really a life saviour ! im an interior designer working thru midnights and i had a submission due tomoro morning !desktop just went off completely almost cried out ! turn out to be usb issues too ! u save the day =) thx so much !

  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! My husband’s computer wouldn’t boot up. I was thinking, “Oh god, I have to find someone around this tech-forsaken area to try to help me.”. So, before going crazy I googled the message given on the screen, and got this. His flash drive was plugged in. Removed it and all is fine!

  26. I too had a USB in my laptop and once removed worked fine. Thank you so much, I can now continue with my job search. Thank you very much for your good help.

    Best wishes and God Bless.

  27. Thank you! I have been restoring 25 computers for my kid’s school, and was 1.2 way through them when I hit this (I feared) anomaly. Removed the 2 USB sticks and I’m bacvk on track. Great post. Saved me lots of heartache~!


  28. Oh my gosh. Thank you! I was freaking out because I have project due tomorrow. Turns out the usb drive was the one wrong. I thought my computer was broken, again… Thanks again!

  29. Thank you; you just saved me from s nervous breakdown, having installed a brand new hard drive 2 days ago, already extremely frazzled & I got that error message. While I was on hold with an IT tech waiting for him to research, I removed a USB & it booted!

  30. I just shat my pants when I saw that error. I thought my HDD crashed cus I had few blue screens and was in the process of a backup. Saved me soo much trouble. Thank u soo much.

  31. Thank you! Had a silly USB plugged in. Removed it & worked like a charm.
    Appreciate the help. Excellent advice. Cheers!

  32. THANK YOU!!!
    Was stuck doing a tech-support phone call, and couldn’t figure this one out, just a stupid External USB Hard Drive.

  33. It seems everybody had the same problem. I had a USB plugged in as well. Thank you for your help! I’ve had so much go wrong with this computer, and my dad always has to fix it. I’m glad that I could fix this myself(with your help) 😉

  34. Same thing for me too, darn usb stick was plugged in. I would be in such distress all the time without sites like this one. Big thanks from me and my wallet! (was sure i needed to buy a new hdd

  35. Thankyou soo much, I have a HP Pavillion with windows 8 installed and the same problem occurred, and the USB was proeventing it booting up, thankyou.

  36. Thanks buddy a simple suggestion yet powefull
    Sometimes we and the computers are so silly
    I literally lmfao after it got started up on removing the flash drive

  37. LIFESAVER! I was working on a client’s books, when his computer gave me this error as I tried to restart due to slow speeds. I was going crazy. I called my hubby, since he’s a SNE and he was unavailable to help. Once I took out the USB and restarted it, it started the reboot process. Blessings to you!

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