Sony Ericsson K800i Sudden Death

I wonder how many people have gone through the same experience as I had. Last month, I was still using my Sony Ericsson K800i which I had bought 2 years ago. It is a decent mobile phone with leading camera feature when it was launched and as IT geek I am satisfied with all the features of the phone. I have stored crucial data in my phone including important contact numbers, and suddenly I could not turn on the phone after I change the SIM card.

I was on my trip in Singapore and I used local SIM card, since my Australian SIM card does not work there. Just before I board the plane to go back to Melbourne I replace the SIM card quickly. I turned off the phone, took out the battery, took out the SIM and put my Australian SIM card. Voila, I could not turn on the phone anymore although I have just charged the battery to its full capacity. When I tried, it just showed blinking red light near the infrared port of the phone.

As IT geek and ex-mobile phone expert (I used to flash and modify the software of my mobile phone), I didn’t give up. I tried to look through the internet for a solution. I found out many people get the same situations, and some of them successfully revive the phone by rewriting the EROM (equivalent of BIOS in PC). No luck, I could not recover my K800i. Next thing, I tried to bring it to customer service centre, but again they refused my phone because it was purchased outside Australia (They are not allowed to put Australian software/flash into my phone).

Well, this is an expensive experience. I have learnt two things. Firstly, always backup your mobile phone regularly. There is lots of hand phone backup software out there or if you used smart phone you can just connect it to your PC and copy your organizer data to your Outlook. Secondly, do not cut out the power abruptly when turning off your Sony Ericsson mobile phone. It looks like Sony Ericsson mobile phone writes some data into the EROM when turning on and off and if we cut out the power the EROM will be corrupt. When you break your EROM, your phone won’t be recognized by your PC, you cannot charge the battery, and etc. It just death.

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  1. correct. today the death phone will be sent to sony ericsson service center (or mang’s) …. i just noticed that there is a blinking red led on the infrared port when you press the power button.

  2. Couple weeks ago, Sony Ericsson Service Center just returned my phone and they said “there is nothing we can do” 🙁 That’s it… I guess it is time to look for a Nokia although I will miss quick start up camera of Sony Ericsson mobile phone…

  3. sigh .. wow so this was the problem, i did’nt know why it died , back about 2 yrs ago too.. i couldn’t figure out, i thought it was just my battery that died.. guess not now .. sigh .. 2 yrs down the line i still have the phone and i’ll stop buying sony ericson in the future ..

  4. man, the same thing happened to my SE W200i. Now my K800i just stopped charging either through the mains or usb. loved the fones… thot of buying the x10 but if SE’s are so ‘fake’, then its bye bye

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